7 signs it’s time to rent a warehouse for your business

E-commerce businesses have grown massively over the past two years. And merchants, including you, are now shipping more orders than ever. That being said, let’s admit it: doing warehousing in-house can be a lot of work. This is why the role of warehousing services in the Philippines is crucial — they can help you solve this pain point.

If you’re not sure if you should look into renting a warehouse now, we’re here to help you out! Here are some telltale signs that it may be the time to consider warehousing for your business:

You’re spending too much time on fulfillment

The amount of time you spend on fulfillment can easily keep you from focusing on equally important tasks. If you spend more time packing and shipping your products rather than investing in your core business, you’re putting your venture at risk. Let others handle your order fulfillment and spend more time on driving growth in your business.

You’re running out of space

Clutter is annoying and it can affect your operations. Running out of storage space is a red flag that says it’s time to rent a warehouse. By outsourcing a warehousing service, you get flexible storage space as your business scales.

You’re unable to monitor your inventory

Running out of stock is a major problem, and so is having too many products. If you are unable to keep track of inventory, a reliable business warehouse partner can help you tackle these issues at hand. 

There are warehousing services in the Philippines that use data to monitor orders and inventory levels, helping you predict how much stock you need on hand to meet the current demand. They may also have in-depth insights into returns, which allows you to determine and understand the pain points of your store.

You can’t keep up with the demand

Every business sees unexpected boosts in product demand, causing difficulty in fulfilling orders. But if you have had this problem longer than expected, you need a working warehousing strategy as soon as possible. 

Not being able to keep up with customer demand can put your business in a bad light. Remember that dissatisfied customers are less likely to return and recommend you to their friends. But having a warehousing partner can help you better respond to the increased order volumes and provide good customer service consistently. 

Your shipping costs become hard to predict or control

Shifts in demand, whether up or down, come with increasingly complex challenges and price variants. If your business is seasonal or you experience periods of high demand, shipping costs can blow up. 

When you have a warehousing partner, you can eliminate fluctuating costs and pay for the growth you need. Also, you can take advantage of the shipping discounts offered by these companies; more on this on the next point!

You know you’re not getting the best shipping deals

Fulfillment services can charge different prices based on the products you ship. You could save even more with leading couriers by negotiating discounts on their standard rates, but you’ll need a high volume of orders.

If you’re a small-scale E-commerce business owner, you won’t be able to meet those volume demands yet. When that’s the case, outsourcing a big warehousing company can give you direct access to additional saving opportunities as they can provide discounts based on their entire volume— not just your orders.

You’re shipping in the Philippines

If you are a merchant overseas that wants to ship products here in the Philippines, a word of caution – shipping here can be quite difficult. Postage costs are high and paperwork can take so much of your time. Then, of course, there’s the difficulty of making sure your products are packed well enough to survive a trip around the world.

Partnering with an efficient warehousing service in the Philippines does the trick. By utilizing a local partner for your warehousing needs, you can save more of your resources plus experience less stress in the long run.

It’s normal to be very hands on with your business, but there are aspects that you’ll need to ask help for. If you are seeing some of these signs in your business, let Payo do the warehousing for you!

Payo, one of the country’s leading E-commerce enablers, has a suite of services that can take care of your warehousing woes. From our Multiple Warehousing Solution and Order Fulfillment, to E-commerce Automation and Live Customer Support, we can definitely take the grunt work off your hands and help make your entire business more efficient. 

Sign up with us today or send us a message at [email protected] to see why we’re the best option for warehousing services in the Philippines!