Starting an ecommerce business is never easy but two partners Ofri Kadosh and Liron Gross took their chances. They built an ecommerce platform selling in the US and later on expanded to the Philippines where they saw a potential growth in their business. They noticed that Filipinos mostly pay in cash and only 7% of the population holds credit cards, making it an opportunity to develop a cash on delivery system that will not only benefit the customers but most of all, the sellers. From there Payo was born and is now catering to major players in ecommerce and small merchants alike.


Payo is a Gateway that manages and simplifies cash on delivery (COD) transaction for online sellers. We provide a full-suite of technological solutions including fraud detection, data analysis and courier optimization, aimed to empower the merchants with abilities to seize control of the COD process, reduce cancellations and increase revenues.


Here at Payo, we believe that every business owner should have full control of all aspects of the business. We dedicate ourselves to help big and small business owners with their payment gateway needs and giving them more value for their money by providing a system that caters to all their needs such as customer service, logistics solutions, sales tracking, and courier partnerships.


Payo envisions itself to be a household name for COD, providing the best and most reliable payment option for online sellers who want to scale up their business while gaining trust from their customers.

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