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Payo is an E-commerce enabler that provides holistic and tailor-fit solutions to address the needs of online merchants. We solve the challenges they encounter, improve their logistics process through tech-driven services, and help them scale faster.

Whether it’s warehousing, last mile management, live customer support, or marketplace optimization, our solutions are guaranteed to help merchants thrive in Philippine E-commerce!

Trusted Partner of Well-known E-Commerce Brands

Easy with Payo

After CEO Liron Gross experienced the challenges of navigating Philippine E-commerce, she wanted to create solutions that would make online selling easy for merchants. Discover how she established Payo in the Philippines, and what the company’s goals are for uplifting the E-commerce industry.

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How Payo Works

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Step 1

Let's talk about setup

To start your E-commerce journey with Payo, we’ll set up a meeting and open an account for you.

Improve with Payo

Step 2

Familiarize yourself

We’ll integrate Cash on Delivery into your business, and show you how to monitor your orders.

Improve with Payo

Step 3

Ship orders with Payo

Once you’re all set, you can start shipping products with Payo. We’ll take care of warehousing, fulfillment, remittance, and more!

Improve with Payo

Made for You

At Payo, we won’t treat you differently based on the size of your business, or what you’re selling. We provide solutions fit for different types of online merchants around the world.


If you sell your products online and you want E-commerce to be simple and easy not just for you, but also for your customers, then give your business a competitive edge through our tech-based solutions.

Small Businesses

Unsure of how to navigate the E-commerce industry as a budding business? We got you! We’ll help you get into the groove of things by providing you with all the tools you need to succeed.

Social Media Sellers

When you sell your products on social media, you have to oversee different platforms all at the same time. Take out the hassle of overseeing your storage, deliveries, and customer support by letting us help you.


To keep your brand stable and thriving, you need a reliable partner when it comes to handling your online packages, and that’s exactly what Payo is! We’ll provide you with logistics solutions so you can focus on growing your business.

Your Success is Our Success

Running a business takes a lot of passion and hard work, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. Payo is here to make E-commerce simple and easy for you, and to be with you every step of the way as you grow your business.

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Don't Just Take it from Us

"Payo gave me a full solution for all the COD activity, but it was not only that. Payo’s solution was very comprehensive, and basically solved all the logistical and financial problems that we had."

Noam Sinansky Spire Jewelry CEO

"We are below eight percent right now in RTS rate and that’s an amazing rate already. You don’t get that nowadays. We’re very, very happy with Payo."

Paul Dela Fuente Online Entrepreneur