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Ship smarter, Get paid faster, Lower cancellation, Save money instantly, Track shipments conveniently.

It's easy!

With Payo you can easily Integrate your online store in seconds, manage shipments and remittances in real-time, track your orders and keep the retention with your clients on one dashboard.

Just click, print and attach the label on your package and we’ll take care everything for you!

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Waiting For Your Couriers To Submit Your Earnings?

Cash flow is important in running a business. With our early remittance, you can get your money in advance instead of waiting for the couriers to submit your earnings that could take up to 30 days or more.

We optimize the courier for you, so you can use the best.

How it works?

Step 1

Integrate Payo to your shopping cart and offer COD option to your clients and scale your business.

Step 2

We process the sale, analyze the client and use courier optimization algorithms.

Step 3

We coordinate pickup, track the orders and keep customer retention for you.

Step 4

We monitor money collection and remit your earnings. 

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What makes us different


A win-win situation. Our business model enables you to maximize the delivery and cash remittance options while cutting down the RTS percentages, by utilizing all delivery companies, and giving you access to sales across the country


No more staying in the dark. Our cutting-edge technology helps you track the order and delivery fees from the moment it leaves your warehouse until the cash is safely secure in your account


Get an access to a high functionality CRM system, automatically connected to all couriers. This allows complete and transparent cash flow viewing, giving you insight into past and present transactions


Why Payo?

  • We are partnered with more than 10 couriers to provide the best solution for your delivery. We automatically select the courier with highest success rate to make sure that the item will reach its destination.
  • We verify the buyer’s address and also collect data regarding each and every sale, allowing us to analyze the buyer’s purchase history and shopping behavior, flagging low rated buyers.
  • We engage the buyer through SMS system and coordinate delivery between courier and buyer continuously over the phone.
  • We provide call-center customer support to enhance the relationship between the merchant and the buyer.
  • We provide access to an online dashboard with shipment status tracker.
  • We only get paid for the services if the delivery was successful. Win-win situation!
  • We’ll store your products in our fulfilment center in Makati, assure quality control of the products, Pick & pack then ship to your customer.

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