How to level up your E-commerce customer service

Excellent customer service in E-commerce can’t be overstated. Nearly three out of five customers believe that good customer service is key for them to be loyal toward a business. This only shows one thing: product price is important, but service is ranked as a close second.

E-commerce enablers in the Philippines believe that customer service is crucial to the success of an online business. Being one of the main pillars of E-commerce, merchants should pay attention to customer service, especially since shoppers today have sky-high expectations.

If you’re an online merchant, it’s time to level up your E-commerce customer service with these best practices!

Speed is essential

According to one study, around 12% of customers said that they would get frustrated when businesses didn’t respond quickly to their needs. That’s because customers demand shorter response times now more than ever. 

As a merchant, you should look into your processes, specifically when it comes to your response time. Are you too slow to respond? How much time do you spend answering a query? If you see that these are things you can improve on, then maybe it’s time to see how you can do so.

Go omnichannel

Meeting your customers where they are should be on your list of ways to level up your E-commerce customer service. This is why setting up a robust omnichannel strategy is important in ensuring improved customer experiences.

Offer different contact methods to make the interactions between you and your customers as seamless and efficient as possible. Customers should be able to reach you via any platform they prefer, whether it’s via email, chat, social media, or your website. By doing so, your omnichannel approach will increase your visibility and help you connect with more customers.

Offer a platform for feedback

Allowing your customers to provide feedback will help you understand what they love and don’t love about your business. Listen to them to know more about their needs. By doing so, you can also resolve the issues they may be encountering. This is an opportunity for you to turn a potential crisis into a sound E-commerce customer service practice.

Also, don’t forget to reach out to your customers! Make them feel valued by acknowledging their feedback and product reviews. 

Personalize your approach

As E-commerce growth continues at unprecedented levels, customers may start to feel that shopping has become more transactional. Stand out from the competition by giving your customers a personalized approach to customer service! 

An example of this is through using automatic product recommendations. This means having personalized segments on your site like “People who bought this product also bought these products,” or other custom-made lists. Another would be personalizing your marketing emails for different types of customers. This approach helps build trust in your brand, reminding customers that your business isn’t run by bots.

When you do this, you go above and beyond satisfying your customers’ needs and you give them more reasons to become life-long customers. 

Provide real-time customer support

Customers love real-time assistance. And being able to offer it will give you positive results, such as increasing your ROI. However, not all businesses can afford to have chat agents available 24/7. What can you do? There are a lot of E-commerce enablers in the Philippines that can do the heavy lifting for you. Some of them even provide Live Customer Support to take care of customer queries in real-time.

By providing live customer support, you can lessen failed deliveries and increase (even improve!) your sales retention.

Invest in automation

Automating customer service processes can save you a lot of time and effort. Dealing with support issues, consistent pressure, and demanding customers can be challenging. This is where automation comes into play. By automating your E-commerce customer service, you can now say goodbye to time-consuming manual tasks like creating a query ticket or giving customers updates on their order status.

Indeed, delivering quality and excellent E-commerce customer service is the secret to making your business palatable to customers. When done right, these practices can help you keep customers happy and turn them into repeat customers, even as you scale.

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