7 tips to improve your warehousing operations

Growth in sales is a good indication of a business’ performance. Naturally, it will result in an increased demand for products, pushing merchants to stock up on supplies. However, inventory space can be tricky, especially if you’re an international merchant. What you need is a warehousing service that can efficiently manage your business in the Philippines.

During the first quarter of 2021, almost half of the overall warehouse demand in the Philippines came from E-commerce. This highlights the value of having a dedicated storage space for your products, both for efficiency and growth potential. While warehousing may seem like a simple task, you still need to be smart with your approach.

Here are seven warehousing tips to help maximize its benefits and enhance your business operations!

Find a safe and secure warehouse

The ultimate goal of warehousing is for you to have a place to store your products. To ensure smooth operations, the safety of the warehouse itself and its surrounding area must be given priority. Make sure that your preferred location is well-kept, has tight security, and can handle potential threats whether they’re man-made or natural disasters.

Choose a strategic location

Whether it’s one or three warehouses, it is more strategic for them to be within or near locations where you want to establish your presence. This warehousing tip is especially important if you want to reach and serve a wider audience. By being easily accessible to your delivery partners, you can even offer customers next-day delivery for nearby areas and cut delivery time in provincial areas by 2-3 days.

Go for tech-enabled warehouses

Embracing the world of digital has definitely shown significant benefits, especially when running an E-commerce business. Similarly, a warehouse that has tech capabilities allows you to easily communicate for updates and checks. Whether it’s inventory or coordination of deliveries, this warehousing tip can streamline processes for both you and your partners.

Keep your warehouse organized

While you may only be storing your products here, it pays to be organized. Have a proper system in sorting your products (i.e. by name or size) so it is easier and faster to find what you need. Consider this warehousing tip to be a hack to run smoother operations, especially when dealing with large volumes of orders.

Balance your inventory to maximize space

In any business, you have both fast-selling and slow-selling goods, which can be attributed to popularity among your customers. Remember that you pay your warehouse for the space you take up. The pro warehousing tip here is to reduce slow-selling products so you can maximize space and stock up on more popular items.

Have proper health and safety protocols in place

Regardless of the alert level in your warehouse’s area, it is always better to have minimum health standards in place. Warehousing facilities are shared spaces that different patrons can access. One of the most essential of these warehousing tips is making sure that your warehousing partner practices proper health and safety protocols. Temperature checks, logging of information, disinfection, even scheduling of appointments – you can never be too careful, especially with the ongoing pandemic.

Work with an experienced and capable warehousing partner

Ultimately, what your business needs is a warehousing partner that will help you improve your overall operations. Warehousing may just be one aspect, but having an efficient, transparent, and reliable partner can unlock more opportunities for you. This is especially true when serving multiple markets and locations.

Because of the large jump in demand for warehousing services in the Philippines, you need to work smart with yours. Hopefully, with these tips, you can better navigate your warehousing operations, or even better, find the partner that would best fit your needs.

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