Why is social selling so popular today?

The Philippines is known as the social media capital of the world. Filipinos are among the most active users of various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

During its early years, social media was only used to connect with family and friends and share life updates. Over time, each platform transformed into channels that now cater to news, gaming, content creation, and retail promotions.

Additionally, social selling — or the selling or products and services online — has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. This can be attributed to the continuous E-commerce boom in the Philippines, and the reliance of Filipinos on social media.

Food, toys, apparel, homeware, tech – these are only some of the items being that merchants offer through social selling. But why has it become so popular? Here’s a list of reasons why, as well as how you can be part of it!

Familiarity with the platforms

Filipinos are social media-savvy. This means they have no to minimal difficulties in navigating these platforms. They are aware of their different functions. They can easily share content and join groups where sellers gather to showcase their products. Thus, social selling is instantly a preferred way of purchasing items. 

Ease and convenience of social media

Since they are already familiar with it, customers find it easier and more convenient to shop on social media. It doesn’t require them to learn anything new. Social selling streamlines their consumer journey. Transactions can be finalized through a simple exchange of messages privately.

Quick comms

Social selling works for a lot of Filipinos because they can communicate fast. Whether it’s posting their questions in the comments or through a private message, it all happens very quickly. Got a question on the price, stocks, mode of payment, shipping fee, and others? Just message or comment away! And because sellers need to maintain a good response rate, turnaround will certainly be faster.

Fun and engaging

The experience of social selling can also be fun and engaging for Filipinos, especially when there are live selling sessions. What makes it exciting is how simple it is to make a purchase by commenting “mine” or “dibs.”

The audience can ask questions that the seller can respond to in real-time. Sometimes, there are even giveaways and raffle prizes to ensure that viewers are engaged all throughout.

So, how can merchants get it on social selling? It’s a lot simpler than you think.

Set up your merchant profile or page

Start your social selling journey with a cool name for your shop. Then, start creating your social media profile or page. You can do this through your own profile. You can even use an entirely separate page to keep everything organized.

Upload and post content regularly

What’s important when it comes to social selling is maintaining your visibility. Make sure that you upload new content like product photos and customer reviews. These can be in the form of themed posts, customer highlights, or even better, new products. You can also try social media ads by boosting your posts for added visibility and reach.

Respond promptly and meaningfully

Responding to inquiries is a key part of social selling as it is another way of engaging with your audience. You can set up auto-replies for frequently asked questions. Don’t forget to still provide meaningful and timely answers to customers to keep them interested. This will help build rapport, establish customer loyalty, and keep your response rate high.

Keep audiences engaged

Apart from posting regular content, you should also consider other ways to keep your customers engaged. You can explore discounts, promos or seasonal sales so they can buy more for less. Contests and giveaways are also great for social selling. It encourages user-generated content and boosts page traffic. You can also host live selling sessions and have exclusive offers only your viewers can avail of.

These are just some reasons why social selling continues to be popular among Filipinos, along with a guide on how you can be part of the fun. While it may seem simple to manage, it can be overwhelming once the bulk of orders come in. More so when you’re only a one-person team. With Payo, you don’t have to worry about that.

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