7 reasons you end up with RTS packages

One of the most frustrating things that online merchants can experience is getting package returns. Even with today’s advancements in E-commerce automation, This situation can still be a big hassle for both them and their customers. Moreover, it can result in additional costs and damage the reputation of their brand.

But why exactly do customers return packages, and what are some of the ways you can avoid them? Read on to find out!

The customer made an impulse buy

Sometimes, a customer may see something on your online store and immediately want it. So, they add it to their cart and check out. Later on, however, they realize that they did this on impulse, and decide that they want to return or cancel their order.

This occurrence is more common than you think, especially when you have ongoing deals or promos that make online shopping more enticing.

How to deal with this scenario: Make sure that you have a clear return and exchange policy. While some stores accept a change of mind as a reason for a return or exchange, others don’t. You can also add guidelines on which items are eligible for returns or exchanges. Ultimately, it will all depend on how strict your store policies are.

The customer is engaging in wardrobing 

Wardrobing is when a customer buys an item so they can use it once or twice and then return it after. To make sure that they can still return the item, they usually hide the tags when using it. This behavior is fraudulent, especially when the customer requests a refund later on. 

Wardrobing is most commonly done with clothing, but can also be done with bags, gadgets, and appliances, among others. 

How to deal with this scenario: Customers who engage in wardrobing usually conceal the tags of the items they use so that they can still return them later on. You can implement strategies to prevent them from easily doing so, such as putting tags in places that can’t be hidden. If a customer is adamant about returning an item, it’s best to ensure that it has no damages and is truly eligible for a return or exchange.

The item is damaged

If you bought something online and it came in poor condition, you’d definitely want a refund or an exchange. This is why one of the most common reasons for RTS packages is a damaged product. If you don’t handle this situation properly, it can make customers lose trust in your business.

How to deal with this scenario: The best course of action is to grant the customer a return or exchange, and to do so as soon as possible. If the courier is responsible for the damage, you can also check whether or not your package has insurance. This also highlights how important it is to have a reliable courier partner.

You shipped the wrong product 

Another common reason for a returned package is when a merchant ships the wrong product. This can be frustrating for customers, especially if they need to use the item sooner than later. Shipping the wrong product can mean that the item isn’t the color or size that the customer ordered, or worse, it’s a completely different item altogether. 

How to deal with this scenario: Because this is most likely a mix-up from your end, you should coordinate with your customer and send them the correct product as soon as possible. If they want a refund, attend to their needs and take them through the refund process. This will show your customers that you genuinely want to make up for this mistake. 

The item was delivered to the wrong address

Another mix-up that can happen is delivering a package to the wrong address. It’s usually one of two scenarios: either there was a miscommunication, or the customer provided an incomplete/incorrect address. Either way, this means that your products didn’t get to the right recipient.

How to deal with this scenario: The best way to deal with this scenario is to prevent it from happening altogether. Try to have certain processes in place for address verification, such as calling customers who input incomplete information. This will help you avoid wasting your time and resources bringing a package to the wrong place.

The delivery came too late

Speed and quality are kings when it comes to online shopping. Customers want to get products in excellent condition, and they want to get them as soon as possible. This is especially true for orders or purchases that are time-bound. That’s why if a customer doesn’t get their order within the supposed delivery timeline, chances are you’ll end up with RTS packages.

How to deal with this scenario:  It’s important to make customers aware of your shipping timelines, and to stick to them as well. And as much as possible, get a delivery partner who can ship out your others safely and swiftly. It would be even better if they provide same-day or next-day delivery, and can accommodate provincial areas.

A natural disaster has put deliveries on hold

The Philippines is no stranger to natural disasters, especially because numerous typhoons hit the country every year. Sometimes, areas that are heavily affected by typhoons or other disasters like earthquakes or volcanic eruptions become difficult to access. That’s why packages bound for those areas get marked as RTS packages.

How to deal with this scenario: There’s not much you can do in this case other than to inform your customers about possible delays. You can also temporarily avoid accepting orders bound for places that have limited accessibility. 

These are just some of the reasons that you end up with RTS packages. Some of these circumstances are out of your control, but some are preventable. This highlights just how important it is for merchants to have a reliable fulfillment center – one that can correctly and properly pack their items, deliver their products in perfect condition, and provide swift delivery. Luckily, Payo ticks all these boxes!

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