QUIZ: Discover the best selling platform for your business!

Filipino consumers have developed a strong preference for online shopping. Whether it’s because of flexible payment methods, bigger discounts, or even safety and convenience, online retail has without a doubt spiked in recent years.

Merchants have also joined the shift, bringing their businesses to the digital space to tap into this growing demand. Many of them have also partnered with E-commerce enablers in the Philippines to effectively reach more customers.

If you’re looking to build your online presence, how do you know which selling platform is the best for you? Here’s a short quiz to help you decide which platform to use. Make sure to list down your answers until the end to find out!

How would you describe your business in terms of size?

A. Large enterprise with offline stores

B. Small to medium enterprise

C. Startup or just taking off

Why do you want to build your business online?

A. Strengthen and reinforce my business growth

B. Reach the growing number of customers online

C. I don’t have resources to put up a physical store

Where are your target customers located?

A. Across the country

B. Within the city and nearby cities, possibly more

C. Just around our neighborhood and nearby areas

Are you tech-savvy? How do you want to go about your selling platform?

A. Yes, and I need full control of my store’s development

B. I understand platforms, but would prefer working with templates

C. Not really, so I want a platform that’s easy to manage

How do you want to promote your products?

A. Emails, newsletters, and ads

B. In-app ads and other promotional features

C. Regular posting, boosted posts, and referrals

What payment methods would you like to offer?

A. PayPal, E-wallets, and bank transfers

B. PayPal, E-wallets, bank transfers, and Cash-on-Delivery

C. E-wallets and bank transfers only

How do you want to handle your shipments?

A. I have access to various couriers that can help me with my deliveries

B. I want a platform that has existing shipping methods

C. I can be flexible with my customer’s preference


Mostly A’s: Your Own Website

You already have a clear vision for your brand. So, having your own website is likely to be the best selling platform for you. From the overall design to the content, you can call the shots and even choose your payment and shipping methods, as well as who and where to sell your products.

If things get too overwhelming, you can work with E-commerce platforms and enablers in the Philippines to develop this website.

Mostly B’s: Online Marketplaces

You’re a bit tech-savvy and you value convenience, which makes online marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada the best selling platform for you. With their templates, setting up your profile, products, and content will be quite easy. They also have different payment and shipping options that you can offer to your customers.

You can also market your shop and products through chat, vouchers, cost-free promotions, and in-app ads.

Mostly C’s: Social Media

You want something that’s simple and gets the job done right away. Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, social media is the best selling platform for you because it is easy to manage. You can stick to your personal profile or set up your own page. Upload product photos, key in product descriptions, provide terms and frequently asked questions, and you’re good to go!

Just make sure to post regularly, respond to inquiries in a timely manner, and offer different promos and discounts.

Ultimately, what’s most important to build and sustain your online presence is an effective strategy, especially in managing your daily operations. You can combine any or all of these to reach different audiences, but it may be daunting if you’re working alone.

Good thing you can partner with Payo, a leading E-commerce enabler in the Philippines! It provides holistic solutions to make online selling simple, easy, and more accessible through a winning game plan. Marketplace Optimization, Sales Retention, Warehousing, Fulfillment, Last Mile Management, and Cash-on-Delivery Integration – these are only some of the solutions that Payo offers that will surely help you thrive in your preferred selling platform.

Want to learn more about the best strategies to match the best selling platforms? Sign up with Payo today or send us a message at [email protected]. Let’s start your online business journey now!