Payo Feature: Learn about Payo’s Customer Support team with Herbert Concina!

As the leading E-commerce enabler in the Philippines, Payo knows that an online store is nothing without good customer support. That’s because keeping an open line of communication with customers is key in making sure they have an amazing shopping experience.

This is why Payo offers Live Customer Support to every merchant, big or small. Curious to know more about the importance of customer support in your business? Then check out this interview we had with Herbert Concina, our Customer Service Manager!

Please tell us a little about your journey with Payo. How were your first few months like?

My first few months at Payo were a bit challenging because admittedly, I didn’t have any background in the E-commerce industry. However, I also felt a lot of excitement about my work.

What attracted you to working in the E-commerce industry?

Back then, I was looking for an in demand and fast-growing industry – preferably one with a friendly and enriching environment. Those were the reasons why I decided to join E-commerce, and I was lucky to have found Payo.

How would you describe good customer service?

To me, good customer service is simply giving customers the help they need by addressing their concerns or queries. 

What are some important things to remember when it comes to E-commerce customer service?

There are some basic fundamentals when it comes to working in customer service. You should always remember to be patient, knowledgeable in the service you’re providing, and eager to help.

Can you name one instance that interacting with a customer made you smile?

I had one customer before who was very upset because it was taking a while for him to receive his package. He badly needed it already. I was able to help resolve his concern within the same day, and his mood completely changed. From being irate and feeling hopeless, he became a satisfied customer and even commended me for addressing his needs. I was happy that I got to help him and turn his day around.

How do you and the customer service team de-stress after a long day?

It’s important for our team to take breaks, too. We like doing outdoor activities together in our free time, which re-energizes us and helps us provide excellent customer service.

How does your team’s work contribute to making E-commerce simple, which is Payo’s goal?

We make E-commerce simple by showing customers that they’re not alone. By being the go-to people for their concerns and providing constant communication, we assure them that they’ll always have a helping hand in E-commerce. 

What’s one thing you want to achieve with your team and with Payo this 2022?

Aside from maintaining good relationships with our customers, merchants, and partners, I’m hoping that my CS team can help Payo have even more successful deliveries this year. 

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