Last-minute holiday tips for online merchants

Just a few more days and Christmas will finally be here! While this means a period of merriment and gift-giving, it also means you have just a few more days until the busiest E-commerce season is over. Don’t lose the opportunity to take advantage of it!

If you’re an E-commerce service in the Philippines, you probably already have marketing campaigns in place. Still, it can be helpful to see how else you can boost your sales in the coming days. With that, here are our top holiday tips to make the most of the Christmas rush!

Create last-minute promos

While there are some shoppers who do tick off their Christmas lists in advance, some don’t have the time to buy gifts until the very last minute. That’s why one of our holiday tips is to create last-minute promos for these customers.

You can hold a flash sale on specific days of the month (e.g. 10 days before Christmas, or on Christmas day itself), or you can even have creative gift bundles up for the whole month of December! Don’t feel discouraged about creating promos because you feel you’re late to the game.

Plan some email campaigns

Email campaigns are a great way to talk directly to customers, especially those who have already bought products from your store. Make email campaigns exciting by offering exclusive discount codes, or early access to website sales. This way, customers will be excited for your holiday campaigns, and will be more likely to patronize your store. 

Make sure to also feature engaging images of your products, and focus more on being visual-heavy when it comes to these types of campaigns — something similar to a virtual gift catalog. 

Put importance on personalization 

Most purchases around the holidays are for gift-giving, and one seemingly small thing that customers look for is personalization. Offering simple gift-wrapping or holiday note cards can help them save time and resources. It’s also one less thing to worry about for them, as your products will be ready to give once it gets to their homes. 

This is one of the holiday tips you can do for free or for a minimal fee. Either way your customers will appreciate that you’re helping them with holiday preparations. 

Amp up digital campaigns 

With today’s digital age, it’s easier than ever to reach out to hundreds or even thousands of people. That’s why it’s the perfect time to amp up your digital marketing campaigns, especially on social media. 

Invest in marketplace banner ads, social media ads, and even sponsored articles. Do as much as you can to get your product bundles and discounts out there, and it’s sure to catch the attention of potential customers during the Christmas rush.

Take advantage of post-holiday shopping

The holiday spirit goes beyond December 25, so don’t be afraid to extend your holiday offerings! Some customers might still need additional gifts, or may want to treat themselves in preparation for the new year. 

Having said this, it’s important to cater to these customers by planning out campaigns even until January. After all, the Philippines is known to have one of the longest Christmas seasons!

Offer same-day delivery

If there’s anything that last-minute Christmas shoppers need, it’s same-day delivery. We consider this one of the most important holiday tips for the Christmas rush. That’s because offering same-day delivery caters to a specific type of customer — the one that’s in a race against time to deliver their gifts. By being a store that can address this need, you have better chances of attracting more customers. 

These are just some of the tips that merchants can follow to increase their holiday sales in the next month or two. But if you want to be a reliable and credible E-commerce service in the Philippines, you have to optimize all the aspects of your business – not just ones involving your marketing and sales strategies. To do that, you need a partner in E-commerce who can take care of the legwork, and Payo is the perfect choice for this!

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Taking these off your plate helps you focus on the bigger picture, ultimately helping you scale your business while having better processes.

If you want an E-commerce partner to help you with the holidays, as well as the rest of the year, then sign up today or send us a message at [email protected]. We look forward to helping you win in E-commerce!