Innovative E-commerce solutions to use for your business this 2022

E-commerce services continue to grow as more consumers and businesses explore the digital space. Thanks to technology, user interfaces and experiences have also become more innovative, and various E-commerce solutions have made transactions easier to manage.

Locally, the E-commerce Association of the Philippines, Inc. remains hopeful that the growth of E-commerce will progress further, especially with the right policies that support digital marketing. As things look brighter for the industry, here are some of the most important E-commerce solutions that continue to transform E-commerce services in the Philippines.

Chat function

One of the most important E-commerce solutions that benefits consumers and merchants is the integration of the chat function. This feature lets customers freely reach out to sellers for inquiries and concerns. Likewise, merchants have also set up chatbots to help manage similar inquiries. Some brands also innovated this further by making it more intricate to provide specific advice or instructions that customers may need before speaking with the seller or a brand representative.

Live customer support

The growth of online shopping also paved the way for new consumer behaviors, including staying updated with their purchases. Live customer support allows merchants to share real-time updates, letting customers know their packages’ order status and whereabouts. Merchants also use this to notify customers of any delays, and to offer solutions ahead of time.

Additionally, live customer support is an avenue for customers to ask more questions that chatbots are not able to answer. Aside from this, merchants can also use this E-commerce solution to resolve customer issues through direction communication.


Cash-on-Delivery (CoD) is likely to be the most popular E-commerce solution among Filipinos. As the Philippines remains to be a cash-based economy, consumers have also taken this preference in their online shopping. CoD grants them time to save up for their orders, enables them to properly manage their budget, and even allows them to check if delivered items are indeed what they ordered.

Courier algorithm

Courier algorithms come in handy for merchants because this E-commerce solution provides courier recommendations based on their shipping needs. This helps make the shipment and delivery of packages faster and more efficient as it takes into consideration different requirements such as location, preference for delivery time, value for money, and payment option.

Marketplace optimization

Since a lot of stores are now present in online marketplaces, this E-commerce solution helps merchants bring their business to platforms like Shopee and Lazada. Marketplace optimization provides assistance to merchants whether it is setting up shop, marketing products, or even handling logistics. This allows them to efficiently maintain their presence digitally while also working on other aspects of their operations.

Shopify integration

Anyone who’s looking to put up an online business has likely seen Shopify among the top E-commerce solution providers. It allows users to build their own online store that they can design and customize based on their personal preferences. It also offers various marketing tools and services that merchants can use to promote products and reach bigger audiences.

These innovative E-commerce solutions have changed the game in the digital marketplace. The community has grown so vast, while also becoming significantly smaller as consumers and merchants from around the world connect with each other through tech. But the ultimate hack to provide the best E-commerce service is having all these E-commerce solutions housed under one umbrella, and that’s what you get with Payo!

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