How to choose the best warehousing company in the Philippines

The accelerated advancements in technology, coupled with today’s reliance on the digital world, has created a boom in online businesses. In 2020 alone, there was a 4,000-percent increase in the number of registered online businesses.

It’s amazing to think that thousands of businesses were established in the span of months, but it’s not surprising. After all, almost anyone can put up an online business these days. They just need a brand, their products or services, and a selling platform. 

However, as a business grows, things become more complex. Once their sales start to increase significantly, merchants should consider finding a warehousing company in the Philippines. That’s because things can get difficult and unorganized if businesses operate in spaces where they can’t store, pack, and ship their products efficiently. 

If you’re a business owner who’s currently looking to scale and use warehouses, there are a lot of companies that can help you. However, it’s important that you find one that can best cater to your needs. Not sure how to choose the perfect warehousing partner? Here are five factors that will help you identify which warehousing company in the Philippines is right for you: 


One of the most important things to consider is the location of a warehouse. You want to make sure that the area you ship your products from are near most of your customers, because that helps you deliver packages faster and save on costs. 

If you want a wider coverage for shipping out your products, consider a company who can offer multiple warehousing. Ideally, these warehouses should also be strategically located to ensure that you get to the most number of customers in the shortest time possible. 


Maybe a warehouse is in a good location when it comes to proximity to your customers, but is it also accessible? It’s important to take note of whether or not delivery partners and couriers will easily find the warehouse. As an added layer of security, it would also be best to have a warehouse near a local fire station or police station. 

Safety and Security

You want to make sure that your products are safely stored, so you should look for a warehousing company in the Philippines that values security. 

Is the warehouse well-maintained? Does the warehouse itself have necessary security protocols in place? If it’s located in an area under quarantine, do the warehouse staff follow health protocols especially when they ship packages out? These are some of the questions you should find out the answers to. 

Tech Solutions

Pay attention to how the warehousing company incorporates tech not only in their warehouses, but also in their business. Tech can make things easier for you, the warehousing company, and the third-party logistics involved in shipping your products. It’s always a good sign when a company uses tech to improve its warehousing and fulfillment processes. 

Work Experience

Choosing a warehouse isn’t just about the warehouse itself – it’s about choosing which company you’ll be availing warehousing services from in the Philippines. You should choose one that works with you in good faith, and has your best interests in mind. This means finding a company who is transparent, efficient, and capable of making your work easier. 

Finding a warehousing company that gives you holistic solutions can be difficult, but luckily, that’s something Payo can help with. 

Payo takes care of warehousing and fulfillment for merchants, along with other solutions like Cash on Delivery integration and Live Customer Support. To make sure that merchants ship smarter, Payo also offers a Multiple Warehousing Solution that spreads out products across strategically-located warehouses in the country. This way, merchants get to reach more customers without making them wait long for their packages.

Sounds great, right? To know more about why we are the best warehousing company in the Philippines, you can sign up today, or read about our Multiple Warehousing Solution. Don’t miss out on having a partner that makes E-commerce simple and easy for you!