Here’s why your business should have an NCR warehouse

A massive 38% of the Philippines’ E-commerce transactions take place in Metro Manila. This huge share has resulted in the country’s National Capital Region (NCR) having a very competitive online market. When a majority of customers are all in one area, most businesses are incentivized to cater specifically to them.   

For E-commerce businesses based outside of the area, it may seem difficult to break into this market. Working with a logistics company in the Philippines – especially one that offers warehousing services –  can help you get a leg up in this space. Having an NCR warehouse has a huge impact on how your business can compete in the Philippine E-commerce landscape.

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons as to why your business needs an NCR warehouse!

More efficient operations

If you’re a merchant based outside of NCR, delivering to the area on a per order basis can be difficult. However, you don’t have to relocate your entire operation to cater to that market. 

With an NCR warehouse, you can efficiently keep up with your customers’ demands. When they order from you, it’s just a matter of shipping the stocks you already have stored in your warehouse.

Easier inventory

Working with a logistics company with an NCR warehouse removes the hassle of having to look after your products. They can monitor your items to help you keep track of your inventory while you’re away. There are also teams there assigned to ensure the safety of your items from packing to pick up. This gives merchants one less thing to worry about! 

Lower shipping fees

Having an NCR warehouse helps lessen the shipping distance between you and your customers. The shorter travel helps merchants spend less on delivery fees, in comparison to if their products were shipped directly from outside Metro Manila. This results in reduced overall delivery costs, which allows you to save money over time.

Faster delivery

If you keep a customer waiting too long for their order, they have a tendency to cancel it. There’s even a chance of them switching to another merchant that can deliver the same item but faster.

With an NCR warehouse, you can get your products to customers within days even if you’re based outside of Metro Manila. This is in contrast to when your products come from a farther place and customers have to wait for up to a week or two for their orders. 

There are even some logistics companies in NCR that offer same-day and next-day delivery, which ultimately helps increase customer satisfaction. 

Attract more customers

Once you combine all the benefits of an NCR warehouse into one seamless experience, you have a better chance of getting more customers.

For online shoppers, the advantage of getting their order faster has a big bearing on their purchase. This is especially true when the quality of your products is on par with the rest of the competition. The more times you win over these potential customers, the easier it becomes for your business to achieve success. 

These are just some of the logistical advantages of having an NCR warehouse. Ultimately, being strategic about your warehouses will help you enter the area’s highly profitable E-commerce market.

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Aside from the usual warehousing service, Payo also offers a Multiple Warehousing Solution. This means that your items are stored in warehouses located within different major cities across the Philippines. This helps keep your business flexible, so you can adjust your storage based on wherever your customers may be. 

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