Characteristics that the best Philippine fulfillment service shouldn’t have

In the Philippines, a fulfillment service is essential in allowing local and international merchants to flourish. Understanding its importance can make a difference in an online business’ success, whether they’re established or just starting up. 

Once customers have purchased from your store, order fulfillment goes beyond just picking, packing, and handing packages to couriers for delivery. It’s about giving your customers a smooth delivery process and making sure your business runs efficiently. If you want to avoid running into problems because of your fulfillment center, here are characteristics that they shouldn’t have:

Disorganized and complicated manual processes

These days, customers expect convenient and fast delivery. But if your fulfillment provider has disorganized and complicated manual processes, your shipping timelines won’t meet the expectations of your customers. 

Remember: Delays can make a huge dent in your reputation! One way to combat this is through E-commerce automation. Automating repetitive and laborious tasks can help you avoid shipment setbacks and provide a positive experience for your customers.

Lack of communication and real-time updates

Communication is vital in any process, including order fulfillment. Customers want updates on their order status, sometimes even in real-time. Aside from that, you as a merchant would need updates on delivery, product inventory, and return orders. If your fulfillment partner doesn’t communicate well, everything will be disrupted. The best fulfillment partner should be able to provide constant and seamless communication with you and your customers throughout the delivery process.

A lot of damaged products

Imagine your customer’s reaction once they unbox a damaged product. Horrible, right? Ignoring proper packaging guidelines is a big no-no when it comes to fulfilling orders. Because when this happens, your customer will think twice before ordering from you again. Also, it can even cost you more to replace the products. 

Proper product handling can prevent this major issue from happening. If you want to have your product safely housed, checked, and properly packaged before delivery, work only with a reliable fulfillment service in the Philippines. 

Having the wrong courier partner

Your fulfillment partner’s courier plays a vital role in successful order fulfillment. If they work with an unreliable courier, you may encounter various problems such as delays in shipment, damaged packaging, or worse, unfulfilled orders. The best fulfillment service provider should have a courier partner that makes safe and swift deliveries. 

Shipping constraints due to location

One factor that can affect the shipment of your products is your fulfillment center’s location. Why? Because this will determine how quickly you can get your products to your customers. If your fulfillment service only has one location, it can drastically slow down shipping timelines.

Whether you’re an international or local merchant, a fulfillment partner with multiple warehousing facilities can greatly benefit you. The shorter the distance your products have to go to reach your customers, the faster you can complete each transaction. Plus, you get to save up on shipping costs in the long run!

These are just some of the major hurdles that fulfillment services have to overcome to be the best in the industry. Your fulfillment partner must be able to help you, not let you down. That’s why it’s important to choose the right one. Our advice? Choose Payo!

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