5 types of packages that you can send your loved ones

Despite the ongoing quarantine, Filipinos have been finding ways to keep in touch with one another and nurture their connections.

This includes virtual get-togethers, communicating through social media, and creating different types of digital content. Plus, thanks to online shopping and the various courier services in the Philippines, it’s also easy to purchase products for both you and your loved ones while staying safe at home. 

Running out of ideas on how else you can stay connected with your family and friends? Then try sending them a care package! It’s a sure-fire way to show them that you’re thinking about them despite the distance. To help you decide, we’ve listed down five types of packages that you can send: 

Safety package 

Everyone knows how important safety essentials are by now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them as gifts! You can start off your safety package with alcohol spray, disinfecting wipes, and some masks. Depending on the preference of the person you’re sending it to, you can also add in things like a mask holder, a no-touch key ring, and even some hand cream to avoid dryness from all that sanitizing. 

Relaxation package

It’s important to unwind or make time for self-care, especially during this time. Why not prepare a relaxation package for someone who really needs it? Maybe it’s a friend who’s been working too hard lately or a family member that needs a reminder to have some me-time. Either way, you can help them create a relaxing atmosphere with some scented candles, chocolates, and even some face masks. You can also add essential oils or a bottle of wine, or anything else that helps make them feel calm.

Movie night package

Thanks to tech, there are now so many platforms that can help you host an online movie night. Why not take these movie nights up a notch by sending your loved ones a movie night package? It can include popcorn and other snacks, a mug or glass for their preferred drink, and even a cozy blanket. You can also change up what’s inside this package depending on the genre of the movie you’ll watch.

Art date package

Thinking of sending a package to your artsy and creative loved one? Why not make it an art date, then? This package can include items like a paint by numbers canvas, adult coloring books, and jewelry-making materials. Just make sure that your package is related to your loved one’s hobbies, or something they want to try out. 

Work from home package

Know someone who has been working from home since the pandemic started? Then this package is perfect for them! Include work essentials like coffee or tea, a handy notebook, and a pair of nice earphones. You can even add things like vitamins or a water bottle to remind them to stay healthy as they work! 

Those are five different ideas for packages that you can send your loved ones. No matter what type of package you send, the thought alone should be enough to convey that you care for whoever you’re sending it to. Just make sure you get your care package from a reliable online merchant who can deliver products without a hitch.

How can online merchants help create a seamless delivery experience?

If you’re an online merchant, your service is just as important as the products you’re selling. If you want to help customers deliver unique and exciting care packages or products, then you need to make sure you have the upper hand when it comes to delivery speed, your fulfillment service, and delivering products to the right person at the right time. 

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