Online buying has been a part of our daily life in this new day and age. Whether you’re looking for jewelries, home appliances, fastfood or even groceries, online shopping is now the best option given the hassle of travelling and the convenience it provides while getting the stuff that you need in the comfort of your home.

In this blog, we will discuss our top 5 online selling sites where you can find not only the things you need, but great deals and discounts, too!

Metrodeal is a marketplace for online deals where you can find gadgets, beauty products, home appliances, salon treatments, travels and even online courses. They offer vouchers and discounts as much as 90% depending on the deal and where it’s located. What you only need to do is to create an account, buy the deal you like and the confirmation of the voucher will be sent to you via email.


Food Panda is an online food delivery service that suggests restaurants depending on your current location. Just put in your address and restaurants within your area will show up, showing which ones has ongoing deals, with freebies and their estimated time of delivery. How convenient is that?


3. Booky

If you’re looking for a site where you can book your next dinner date, then Booky is the place for you. Booky does not only give you discounts, you can also book offline. You need to choose the time of reservation and submit and a text confirmation will be sent to the mobile number you used to register. Best of all, they are integrated with Waze so you won’t have a hard time looking for the restaurant where you booked a seat. Alright, time to look for a good place to dine tonight!


Honestbee is also an online food delivery service and offers discounts too but I want to focus more on their concierge services. What they do is they will do your groceries for you, pick the best produce for your pantry and suggest an alternative if what you’re looking for is not available. They treat every errand as their own, making sure to bring you only the freshest and healthiest goods. Now, that’s what you call a true personal touch!


Pushkart is an online grocery delivery service where you can see a selection of items from fresh and frozen food, beverages, baby products and personal care items to pet essentials. Literally a grocery store where you can personally pick what you need, just online. You can also choose a timeslot you would like your groceries to be delivered. Need a specific item that’s not in their menu? You can request for it! Just chat their live support and attach a picture of the item you’re looking for and leave the rest to them!


There goes our top 5 picks for online sites with great deals and discounts. Best of all, they all have mobile app so you can buy everything you need while on the go. So, next time you think of hitting the road to buy your essentials, check these sites and experience the breeze of buying all the stuff that you need without breaking a sweat.