We all know that selling online is by far one of the most easiest businesses to start. You just create an account in an online selling platform, upload pictures, set prices and market your products. Easy as 1 2 3, right? In this blog, we will talk about our top 10 trending items that could catapult your online selling business.



These products don’t grow old. Women can’t resist buying cosmetics from eye shadows to lipsticks in different shades and colors. New brands have now emerged and surprisingly have come up with competitive price and quality. Women can now look pretty without spending a lot and it has now become easier to shop as it has become available online. You might want to add into your product list.

Phone accessories

From powerbanks to phone cases, you could never go wrong with these gadget essentials as more and more people are buying smartphones these days. How else can you maximize your gadgets? Buy powerbanks to make your battery life last as you play your favorite game on the go or pimp your gadgets with the latest smartphone cases that now has rings to make it more easier to hold and stands for easy viewing while watching a movie. These products deserve to be in your online shop. No questions asked.


Another essential, which helps travellers keep their belongings safe and kept in just one bag. No need to bring different bags for different purposes as these new backpacks also has laptop compartments. They even come with charging slot and audio jack for more convenience. How amazing is that?


Obviously, this type of product is still a must-have for everyone. It has now been revolutionized to make it more compatible to our current lifestyle. Technological age has made it easier as it has expanded its grasps to watches, making it possible to answer a call or track your heart rate in the comfort of your wrists. This definitely goes to every shopper’s shipping cart.


Women love to look good. Getting the desired body shape is hard and takes time as they have to spend extra amount of effort dieting and going to the gym. So why not make it easier by wearing shapewears? These garments give women an instant hour-glass shape, making every chosen fashion clothing a perfect fit.

Portable Appliances

If you are talking about convenience, portable appliances is a fad as it is now possible to keep yourself cool without airconditioners or make your favorite shake even when you’re out of the kitchen. Portable and compact airconditioners is now in the trend as it keeps users feeling cool and refreshed in a hot sunny day, anywhere and anytime. Gym buffs can also now make protein shakes on the go with a portable shake maker. This should be added to every online store’s shopping section, don’t you think?


May it be fashion or pawnable jewelries, these items are still trending and very much sought by buyers who love fashion. Wide selection of necklaces, bracelets, and rings can be found online with pictures to show how beautiful these jewelries are. One tip, use pictures that show how the item really look like to gain more trust from buyers.

Trendy Clothes

Fashion. It’s always there and will never grow old. People buy trendy clothes for different occasions and making it available online to buy is a big help for buyers who don’t want to visit physical shops or commute just to go to malls. Every trendy clothes is right at their fingertips. Give this item a slot in your online shop and see your sales grow.


Moms especially those who stay at home need these items to perform duties in the kitchen. As technology advances, knives have now been replaced with food dicers and choppers that comes in different shapes and accessories for different types of slices. No more teary eyes while chopping onions and perfect julienne cuts are now achievable. Now these are certainly essential must-haves that will gain you rocketing sales with the right target market.

Essential Oils

Relaxation is needed in today’s busy and chaotic world. More and more people are going to spas and yoga centers to meditate and experience calm surroundings as a way of de-stressing from their day to day routine. Essential oils are used for aromatherapy to help practitioners with meditation and so the demand for this product is on the rise. They can also make their own aromatherapy at home by buying their own aromatherapy machine or even just a potpourri and use their favorite essential oil to help them relax and meditate.

So there are our top 10 list of trendy items that you can sell online. How about you? Do you have an item in mind that you think deserves to be in our top 10 list? Share it in the comments below!