Payo is a Gateway that manages and simplifies cash on delivery (COD) transaction for E-commerce platforms. We provide a full-suite of technological solutions including fraud detection, data analysis and courier optimization, aimed to empower the merchants with abilities to seize control of the COD process, reduce cancellations and increase revenues.

It’s very easy. Just fill out the form we’ve provided and a sales manager will contact you to help you get started.

Here is our sign up form: http://bit.ly/payosignup2018

We charge 3% or P20 for successful deliveries only, whichever is higher.

We collect the money from the couriers and deposit it to the merchant’s bank account every billing cycle.

We have several billing cycles corresponding to remittances that our merchants can choose from. Our regular billing cycle is once a month which is 26th. We also offer early remittance which happens every 11th and 26th of the month. Early remittance means that as long as the order has been successfully delivered, whether or not the courier company has given us the sales, we will still remit to you the total sales for successfully delivered items within the covered billing cycle. We charge 2% for this. Our existing merchants particularly love this remittance scheme as it is an assurance that you get the collected and uncollected sales from your customers.

Cut off for standard remittance is 25th – 26th then 10th – 11th and 25th -26th for early remittance.

You will need to confirm the Billing Statement sent via email by replying your confirmation with either e-signature PDF or print the Billing Statement, sign it then attach it as a photo to remit your earnings on the following day, otherwise it will be credited on the next business day.

We will be sending the Official Receipt once payment is deposited.

Failure to do so may result in delayed remittances. This applies the same with disputes if applicable.

No, we are not a courier. Payo is a Cash-on-Delivery gateway that helps online merchants widen their market reach. Imagine being able to deliver your items to far flung provinces all across the country. Don’t limit yourself to Metro Manila, there are 7000+ more islands to cover! Imagine the increase in revenue! We work with up to 10 different couriers and now you can as well.

We are partnered with up to 10 couriers and still adding more to ensure fast and sure delivery even to the farthest locations in the Philippines.

We are mostly catering merchants from NCR and we have started servicing Pampanga area. We are still expanding and adding more locations where we can offer COD pick ups.

We have an open file where you can see the areas we can cater. Please check the link and see if your location is listed.


Yes, we understand. We also know the fact that they would only do Cash-on-Delivery in Metro Manila, Why not cover 95% of all the country? With Payo you can work work 5-7 different couriers and cover 95% of the Philippines.

Working directly with couriers is hard to manage and tracking all the couriers in real time is a headache, delivery fee is unstable as well as remittance and not to mention the delays and lots of requirements.

Some of your items that is returned to you as 30-40% of all Cash-on-Delivery transactions end up as Return to Sender.

Yes. It is also important to keep in mind that we only charge on successful deliveries and your success is our success. That is what we strive to achieve. Low RTS rate means higher revenue for both companies.

We next day ship all orders received into our system by 10AM Manila time.

Order received on Saturday are shipped on Monday.

It usually it takes up to 2-4 working days within Metro Manila and may take up to 7 days in provincial areas.

If the customer is not at home, our couriers will make three attempts in the next three days. There is also a standby conversion team who will contact the customer and coordinate the next attempts.

Our customer service support will adjust the delivery date depending on the status of the parcel; if it’s still in our hub, we can adjust it to a much later date or when the customer will have the money (e.g. pay day) but if the parcel is already with the assigned courier, we can only adjust up to 10 days.

By working with the most reliable last mile delivery companies in the Philippines we can get you to almost any place in the entire country. Our system allows better real-time tracking and management of multiple delivery services to optimize operations and cost.

Yes, just update the system on the delivery date desired. It should be noted that delivery dates should not be more 5 days after purchase, as per our experience, the fulfillment rate drops dramatically with the average client.

If you are interested in doing e-Commerce in the Philippines and want to offer cash on delivery payment solution to your customers, as well as looking to outsource your logistics management and improve efficiency – You’ve come to the right place!

No, we have no minimum, we believe that with our services you’ll increase your sales!

We have no requirements for COD service. You just need to agree to the terms and conditions that we’ll send to you via email and we can create your account right away so you can start offering COD to your customers.

We are integrated into numerous platforms, such as Shopify, Facebook, Woocommerce  and many more. Feel free to contact us for details.

Sure we have! offer an open order API that can be coded into your website. Our API is based on the REST API standard. Please email our support team for more information on how to easily integrate to our system.

We make COD payment as easy and reliable as any other payment methods

In COD markets, merchants are attempting to control last mile companies, track their cash flow and please their customers but end up spending valuable money, time and resources while shifting their focus from growth to survival.