Being a delivery driver is hard. Most of their time is spent commuting and delivering parcels from the hub where they get them and to every household where customers are waiting for their packages.


To be a delivery driver, you must have qualifications fit for the job. Unlike other jobs, their requirements are much less complicated and more skills-oriented. Navigating the streets and knowing the exact location of the consignee is something they have to master in order for them to be efficient. Customer service skills is also a must as they frequently deal with consignees.


A delivery guy earns an average salary of Php149,222 per year or Php12,435 per month according to a 2018 report by Some companies may pay higher depending on the experience and job description. Employers may also provide bonuses and incentives to drivers that will meet their daily and monthly targets.



Looking at how delivery drivers are paid and the kind of job they do, we can conclude that this is one of the underpaid jobs in the Philippines. The amount of time they spend in the field is not compensated enough sometimes and they most of the time have to deal with difficult customers. It takes great amount of patience, hardwork and perseverance in order for them to survive one more day in their chosen job.


So the next time we order online and meet our delivery guy, let’s all be nice and wear a welcoming smile. A friendly gesture means a lot to them.